Where To Go In Zanzibar

Where To Go In Zanzibar

Stone Town

The core of Zanzibar Town, Stone Town, was developed amid the nineteenth century and remains to a great extent unaltered. Mazes of narrow back roads lead to royal residences, mosques, and old Arab houses; modest shops sell spotted tinga-tinga artistic creations, Zanzibari clocks and intricately decorated chests. The early-morning market on Creek Road is awesome, watch as decided Zanzibaris deal over fragrant spices, intriguing products, and fresh fish.

East Coast Zanzibar

The east shoreline of Zanzibar is lined with long, white sand beaches and it’s calm and relaxed atmosphere. We've included here the best little retreats; all very extraordinary! Or if you want to get away from it all, venture out seaward to the enchanted Mnemba Island – for a definitive private island escape!

Northern Zanzibar

A few hours' drives from Stone Town, Nungwi has for quite some time been a magnet for guests looking for their piece of heaven. Want a great place to scuba, fabulous beaches, and an energetic town air; there's a ton going on here!

Michamvi Peninsula

Zanzibar's southeast, the Michamvi Peninsula is fundamentally the same as the 'East Coast' – little lodges, and the odd bigger hotel, located on long, powder white sand beaches lined with palm trees.

South-West Zanzibar

South of Stone Town, the Fumba Peninsula is a standout amongst the relaxed and peaceful corners of the island – it is very isolated and may find just you and a couple of other guests.

Pemba Island

Still part of the archipelago, Pemba is a half-hour flight north-east of Zanzibar. It's a less developed island with its aloof locals and one keen lodge. If you like to scuba or snorkel this is the spot for you.

Mafia Island

In spite of the fact that Mafia Island is not part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, the neighboring Mafia Archipelago has the right to be better-known – regardless of whether we are happy about it or not! Seek a bunch of incredible small shoreline lodges, and extraordinary snorkeling and scuba. They're not impressive or fabulous – but rather they're great!