Tarangire Day Trip

Tarangire Day Trip


TarangireDay trip takes you to Tarangire National Park which covers a territory of 1360sq km (525sq miles) with dispersed Baobab trees, substituting with open acacia forest which provides food for wildlife nourishment, open shrubbery fields, bogs and streams like waterway Tarangire.

Wildlife like Elephants, Zebra, Giraffe, Dik and Ostrich and distinctive types of winged creatures can be seen. Tarangire is 130km from Arusha and it takes around 2/30 minutes to arrive in landing area street covering a little piece of grimy street. Discover all these and more with our Tarangire Day Trip. Contact us today to book!

Tour Details

A trip to Arusha is not complete without a visit to Tarangire National Park, one of the largest in the region. Spend a day exploring this destination, home to a wide variety of wildlife—especially during the dry season, when the park is a favourite spot for thousands of migrating animals.