Tanzania Visa & Immigration

Tanzania Visa & Immigration

Travelers to Tanzania require a legitimate Visa each time they enter the Republic.

The giving of a Tanzanian Visa is, as a result, just a type of pre-section leeway. It doesn't ensure authorization to enter Tanzania. The Immigration Officer maintains all authority to concede or deny affirmation. Visa holders are liable to typical Immigration control at the port of passage. They should, hence, convey with them, for conceivable introduction to Immigration officers, the archives submitted with their applications.

On a basic level, all guests, aside from those with no visa prerequisite must acquire a visa preceding passage to Tanzania.

Visas can be gotten at any Diplomatic or Consulate Mission of the United Republic of Tanzania abroad, ordinarily inside one business day. Guests are encouraged to do as such to keep away from any conceivable bother at the purpose of passage in Tanzania.

It is conceivable, however, to acquire a visitor's visa for a solitary passage at any of the accompanying four principle entry points to Tanzania, subject to the satisfaction of all movement and wellbeing necessities:

  • Dar es Salaam International Airport
  • Zanzibar International Airport
  • Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA)
  • Namanga Entry Point (Tanzania-Kenya border point)