Tanzania Destinations

Tanzania Destinations


Salama, HabariGani? Hope that you are fine. Are you confused about what those words mean? Yes, these are Swahili word the local language of Tanzania Destinations. Here Salama means “Hello” and Habari Gani means “How are you”. It seems that you are curious to learn more, so visit Destination Tanzania. Tanzania the country of east Africa is currently the popular tourist attraction. Also, it is having showers of blessing as 16 Tanzania National Parks to attract visitors. Some of the most popular national parks are Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

World’s biggest free-standing mountainMount Kili is in Tanzania. It is a beautiful snow-capped mountain with rich flora and fauna. Dar es Salaam is the capital of Tanzania also known as the entrance of the country. The biggest migration of the world takes place in Tanzania Destinations. Over millions of wildebeest, zebras, and other antelopes take part in it. The big 5, biggest caldera, highest free-standing mountain makes it a unique tourist attraction. Not only about the wildlife safari but is also having some relaxing islands. These islands are called Zanzibar or Mafia Island situated above the Indian Ocean. Dive into the water, roam in the wilderness or explore the history of the earth. Therefore everything is available on Tanzania Tourist Spot.

Is Tanzania is Good Place to Visit?

Yes, Of course it is so because Tanzania is full of unlimited wildlife, beaches and friendly people to keep your time engaged. You can have infinite moments to explore wildlife and ancient earth. Maybe there are chances that all the members of your family want to experience uniquely. Moreover, it is having some of the biggest national parks that offer too many distinct activities. These activities can easily pull everyone’s attention.

16 Best Tanzania National Parks to visit:

The wonderful Zanzibar archipelago is having some of the awe-inspiring beaches of the world. It offers exclusive activities to win the heart of scuba divers to dive and explore the Indian Ocean. The world’s biggest marine park with more than 100 aqua species can be seen here. It is also famous for the historical tour in which you can spot places like the stone town and Prison Island. There are 16 more places like this in Tanzania Destinations given below:

1. Serengeti National Park, 2. Ngorongoro Conversion Area, 3. Tarangire National Park, 4. Arusha National Park, 5. Lake Manyara National Park, 6. Mikumi National Park, 7. Kilimanjaro National Park 8. Mahale Mountain National Park, 9. Gombe Stream National Park, 10. Katavi National Park, 11. Mkomazi National Park, 12. Udzungwa Mountain National Park, 13. Saadania National park, 14. Ruaha National Park, 15. Selous Game Reserve, 16. Lake Natron National Park