Prison Island Tour

Prison Island Tour


Regardless of its significant history, Prison Island is simply 1km long and just around 230m wide. The island lies just 30 minutes' by vessel barge from Stone Town, and has an abundance to offer the day visitor – from history to common life to essential shoreline loosening up.

This credible Island was some time prior guaranteed by an Arab and used for the confinement of hard-headed slaves. The island is outstanding for its Prison and Giant Tortoises and a swimming paradise.

The island has a clear history of the locale, including the prison building – which still stands. Today the island is home to a segment of Zanzibar's most settled tenants – relatives of the Aldabra goliath tortoises that were a gift to the all-inclusive community of Zanzibar from the Seychelles government; some of them are presumed to have come to over a hundred years old. Look to some degree harder and you may in like manner spot butterflies, bats and even the basic humble duiker.

The island is flanked with coral reefs and your guide will guarantee you have swimming equipment so you can potter around in the shallows, pondering about the clear marine life, or essentially unwinding with our Prison Island Tours.

Tour Details

  • Discover secluded and beautiful Prison Island, just a short trip from Stone Town
  • Relax in the sun on the island's pristine sandy beaches
  • Snorkel in the crystal clear waters and stay on the lookout for colourful tropical fish
  • Go for a hike on one of the island's great trails