Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro


One of Africa's genuine images, Mount Kilimanjaro is the landmass' best-known and most vital mountain and appears on about every adventurer's once-over of 'must-dos'. In addition, when you see the snow-bested zenith of this elevated mountain, you'll get why. Different courses to the summit are available, and you can pick as shown by how much time you have, how to fit you are and how far 'off the beaten track' you have to get. We at Joica Tours and Safari can educate you regarding the best course for you, similarly as managing all the confusing and indispensable blueprints, essential to giving you the best Kilimanjaro experience.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Map

But no ace climbing capacity or rigging is required, the ascending of 'Kili' requests a reasonable component of health and some steely confirmation. It should never be demonized, nor endeavored with anyone other than a decent overseer. In any case, the prizes for trekkers are the point of fact profitable, for this is significantly in excess of an immaterial mountain. Molded-through the coming – together of three now – cleared out volcanoes, Mount Kilimanjaro experiences different unquestionable vegetation zones on its way skywards. The fair assortment of timberland, moorland, high and ice scenes guarantees the gutsy climber the chance to value an enthralling collection of animals, bugs and vegetation – welcome redirections, possibly, from the industrious work of climbing.

  • Location: Kilimanjaro Region, north east Tanzania
  • No of Routes: 7
  • Distance: 5,895 metres
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Review: 1,118
  • Success Rate: 96%

Kilimanjaro Routes

There are seven Kilimanjaro routes which are used to trek. These routes not only vary in length, cost and scenery but each route has its own difficulty levels and different success rates.

Below listed are the Kilimanjaro climbing routes:

The Marangu Route: the main Kilimanjaro climb course that offers cabin accommodation.

The Machame Route: the most famous climbing course up Kilimanjaro.

The Lemosho Route: pass on the most wonderful Kilimanjaro climb course, yet costly.

The Rongai Route: the most straightforward course on Kilimanjaro.

The Northern Circuit Route: this is one of the longest, newest routes on Kilimanjaro, it has one of the highest success rates.

The Shira Route: this one slings you to some genuine height on the main day.

The Umbwe Route: the most troublesome and demanding course on Kilimanjaro, and the most visually spectacular.

We at Joica Tours & Safari provide Kilimanjaro trekking tours along the five courses, namely Marangu, Machame, Lemosho, Rongai and the Northern Circuit Route. Below we have listed some of the highlights of these routes.

Machame Route:

  • It is also known as Whiskey Route.
  • It is one of the most popular routes on Kilimanjaro, with a high success rate.
  • The trek starts at Machame gate through the rainforest. While descend is via Mweka Gate.

Marangu Route:

  • It is also known as “Coco-Cola Route” or “Tourist Route”.
  • Only route on Kilimanjaro which has accommodation facilities.
  • The route takes you through a diverse ecosystem, taking you from rain-forest to alpine desert.

Lemosho Route:

  • One of the least crowded route to Kilimanjaro.
  • It has one of the best acclimatization features.
  • Lemosho is one of the most beautiful routes offering an incredible view on both sides of the mountain.

Rongai Route:

It is the only which approaches from the north side of Kilimanjaro.

  • You will more likely to get clear views of the mountain.
  • It is quieter than the other routes leading to Kilimanjaro.
  • There is a higher chance of sighting wildlife along this route.

Northern Circuit:

  • It is one of the newer routes on Kilimanjaro.
  • It provides good acclimatization.
  • It offers one of the best views along the Kilimanjaro with some of the best panoramic viewpoints.

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