Marangu Route

Marangu Route


Known as the "Coca-Cola" route, the Marangu route is a great trek on Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the most established, most settled route. Many support the Marangu route since it is viewed as the simplest way on the mountain, given its progressive slant. It is likewise the main route which offers dozing hovels in residence style lodging. The base days required for this route is five, despite the fact that the likelihood of effectively achieving the top in that time period is very low. Spending an additional acclimatization day on the mountain is very suggested when climbing Kilimanjaro utilizing the Marangu route.

Marangu Route

The route has the least beautiful assortment of the considerable number of routes on the grounds that the rising and plummet are done on a similar way and it is the most packed route, therefore. Marangu is supported just amid the stormy season, where the hut accommodation are favored over wet ground.

Marangu's Landscape

The Marangu route is viewed as less picturesque than the other Kilimanjaro routes in light of the fact that the climb and plummet are along a similar way. In spite of this absence of assortment, the view it has is beautiful with rainforest, moorlands, high altitude desert, and glacial zones.

Marangu Route's Difficulty Level

The Marangu route has prevalent notoriety for being a 'simple' climb. This is deluding. Despite the fact that it offers enhancements like cabin settlement and is a similarly shorter route, things that may influence it to appear 'simpler', it really has a low achievement rate. It really has the least achievement rate of all the seven Kilimanjaro routes because of the speed of the rising.

  • Distance: 73.5 Km
  • Timing: 5-7 days
  • Per Year Climbing: 12,289
  • Success Rate: 80%
  • Highlights: Cheap

Routes Information

General Info

  • Marangu Route is the oldest route on Kilimanjaro
  • It is the only route which has accommodation facility on Kilimanjaro
  • It is nicknamed as “Coca Cola” Route

Why choose

  • It is relatively a "simple" and direct course to the top.
  • Accommodation in cabins, which might be a bit of leeway amid the blustery season .
  • Generally, cheap course – even with an acclimatization day included.


Marangu course approaches Kilimanjaro from the southwest and clears its path through lively rainforests with high precipitation where the temperatures dive on a stormy night. Proceeding ahead you will enter a desert-like elevated zone in the Saddle, where temperatures dip under freezing point. Pushing ahead to the summit you will top at Uhuru, for the strange dawn where the scene is described by shake and ice.

Success Rate

Marangu route has a medium success route with around 80% success rate.

Marangu Route

Marangu is the most

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Marangu Route

One of the most breathtaking

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