Machame Route

Machame Route


Known as the "Whiskey" route, the Machame route is presently the most prominent route on the mountain. Contrasted and Marangu, the days on Machame are longer and the strolls are more extreme. The Machame route is viewed as a difficult route and is more qualified for progressively courageous people and those with some climbing or exploring background.

Machame Route Map

The route starts from the south, at that point travels east, navigating underneath Kilimanjaro's southern ice field before summiting. The base number of days required for this route is six days, albeit seven days is prescribed. The Machame route is grandly beautiful and varied. However, because of the substantial groups, it loses a portion of its splendor.

Machame's Landscape

The Machame route is regularly known for being the most beautiful out of the 7 Kilimanjaro routes in Tanzania. You go through the amazingly changing landscape the entire far up to the summit, including 5 different climatic zones. These incorporate magnificent woodlands in a primary couple of days, a low elevated zone of wild prairies and moorlands and glaciated slopes of the southern ice fields. You'll encounter staggering highlights, for example, the lunar landscapes close to Barafu Campsite and amazing perspectives on Lava Tower.

Machame Route's Difficulty Level

No Kilimanjaro climb is simple, so it tends to be an extreme inquiry to reply. What makes a Kilimanjaro climb 'hard' can be different for everybody. As a rule, the Machame route is viewed as more testing climb than others. It makes more progress with more high points and low points. However, however it might be increasingly difficult in that it destroys you more and requires more vitality, it isn't in fact difficult.

  • Distance: 60.76 Km
  • Timing: 6-7 days
  • Per Year Climbing: 20,339
  • Success Rate: 85%
  • Highlights: Most Popular

Routes Information

General Info

  • It is the most well-known and effective of the six unique courses to the summit.
  • The course is 62km altogether.
  • The vast majority complete the course in 6 days however it tends to be done in 7 days.
  • Not at all like on different courses, climbers camp in tents.

Why choose

  • A standout amongst the most panoramic detours with an extraordinary assortment .
  • Great acclimatization since you "move high and rest low" .
  • High achievement rate, particularly due to acclimatization.


Machame's climbing starts at the lower regions which are lavish montane rainforests, which are moist and the downpour is dependably a plausibility. As you proceed ahead, tress vanishes and you will be in the heather moorlands which are described by wild grass and bushes. Unpredictable temperatures rule here. Evenings are cold and day searing. Climbing upwards you adventure into desert snow-capped locales where the temperature dives to solidifying depressed spots. At the summit of Uhuru top sit the coating ice sheets that total your equator to the cold adventure.

Success Rate

With 85% success rate, Machame has a relatively high achievement rate because of its great acclimatization alternatives en route as you "move high and rest low".

Machame Route

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Machame Route

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