Maasai Village Day Trip

Maasai Village Day Trip


Meet a unique people embellished with the splendid red, blue and purple and many more hues being worn. The tall dark men standing proudly with their spears, and the ladies jeweled with brilliant beaded studs and scarves. These are the absolute most seasoned occupants of East Africa, the Maasai individuals.

They live in little mud-covered towns, encompassed by their steers and smaller domesticated animals. For many years the Masai have wandered these terrains of Kenya and Tanzania, carrying on with a free, migrant way of life. A feature of your safari excursion is a visit with these Maasai individuals. A considerable lot of the clans welcome guests to their towns to view very close their way of life.

Touching Base At The Village – An Explosion Of Color

The main thing you'll see as you enter a town is the numerous clear shades of the Masai's pieces of clothing. The splendid sheets they wear balance emphatically with the greens and the red.

Adding to this showcase of shading is the splendidly beaded gems – neckbands, arm ornaments– worn by the women and men. This beadwork, while extremely engaging, has something beyond fancy esteem. The ladies who make it express their character and societal position with these handmade pieces.

You'll see presentations of these beaded adornments available to be purchased, and you can help bolster the tribe with a buy, just as bringing home a valid gift from your memorable maasai.

The Music And Dance

You may get the chance to encounter the locals singing and dancing and you may even have the option to participate! This dance pattern is jumping higher and higher according to the rhythms of the singers. The higher the jump, the higher is the pitch.

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