Lake Chala Day Trip

Lake Chala Day Trip Safari


Lake Chala is a carter lake in a caldera on the fringes of Tanzania and Kenya on the eastern edge of Mount Kilimanjaro, an hours drive from Moshi town and 8 km north of Taveta. Contingent upon the season, it runs in shading from dark blue to turquoise and green and is encompassed by a 100 meter carter rim.

Having achieved the Lake, with a guide, you will need 30 minutes to reach down into the carter, by walking, to find the invigorating and compensating water that anticipates you. It is then totally up to you to what extent you need to spend down at the lake, either swimming or just taking in the lovely view that encompasses you.Ingest this unique experience, our Lake Chala Day Trip.

Tour Details

Lake Chala is found in the South Eastern flank of Mount Kilmanjaro around 60 kilometers from Moshi, near the Holili / Taveta border post to Kenya. Like Lake Jipe, Lake Chala divides Tanzania and Kenya and is thought to be the deepest inland body of water in Africa.