Kilimanjaro Food & Nutrition

Kilimanjaro Food & Nutrition


You will be amazed at the variety, quality & quantity of the food we serve to you whilst you are on your Mount Kilimanjaro climb. As you are trekking for between 6-9 hours a day (before summit night) you'll be burning alot of calories - and as you are at altitude - even more than you would at sea level.

Ensuring that you are well fed - and fully fuelled for climbing Kilimanjaro is paramount - so you've enough energy to get to the top. On all of our Kilimanjaro climbs you will be fully supported by a team of chefs, and cooking porters whom will cater for every dietary requirement and you will have 3 hot cooked meals a day - plus a plentiful supply of water and hot drinks.


Nutrition can be considered one of the key ingredients in any hiking experience and it is no different on Kilimanjaro. Despite this fact, many people ignore this basic truth each year and as a result, develop related problems on the mountain. With the prolonged exposure to cold, maintained exercise and general high altitude physical strain on the body, a poor diet might result in poor digestion, reduced energy levels and possibly even the onset of Hypoglycemia.