Why You Should Only Focus On Tanzania Wildlife In 2019 Safari Tours?

When it comes to tour, some of them like to move on to watch historical places around the world and some go to enjoy some luxurious cities on earth. But if you really want to watch a real paradise on earth then going for Tanzania Safari Tours can be your best bet. Tanzania is enriched with numerous high rise mountains, the vast ecosystem supporting green forests and active game animals where you can be able to watch lots of actions. Even you can find our itineraries have a great mix of following things such as:-

1)       Wilderness Safaris

2)     Mountaineering

3)      Beach Holidays

4)     Day Trips

Now, here are the reasons, why you must focus on Tanzania’s wildlife through Joica Tours:-                  

a)   Great Wildebeest And Zebra Migration


Great Wildebeest

The plains of Serengeti are one of the Tanzania Destinations which is perfect for rearing wildebeest & Zebra amid the great migration. It is a movement of a vast number of Serengeti’s wildebeest accompanied by a large number of Zebra & the smaller number of Grant’s gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle, eland & Impala. This move is an annual pattern which is quite predictable. The migration of these animals happens throughout the year.         

b)   The Biggest Population Of Rhinos


The Biggest Population Of Rhinos

You can see the biggest population of Rhinos by visiting Ngorongoro Conservation Area and by the way only the lucky travelers can be able to spot them because even after having a steady population, these animals are known for their elusive nature. So, in order to spot them in the conservation area, you have to work harder during your game drives.

c)   See Large No Of Elephants


See Large No Of Elephants

In order to enjoy capturing large herds of elephants, you have to move on too Tarangire National Park. In the vast stretches of park, you can spot some of the biggest groups of elephants with nearby animals like giraffes, fringe-eared Oryx, little ashy starling. Besides that, you can see some more noteworthy animals like kudu, gazelles, hartebeests, wildebeests, lions, leopards, tree climbing pythons, African wild dog and zebras. 

d)   Great Opportunity To See The Big Cats


Great Opportunity To See The Big Cats

Now all those who want to see Simba –The lion king and his pride of lions in large numbers must head towards Serengeti through our Tanzania Safari Tours. Due to the massive amount of prey animals available here. This is not the end of the road you can also go for Lake Manyara National Park for spotting tree climbing lions in huge numbers.   

e) See The Amazing Birdlife


See The Amazing Birdlife

Tanzania is also known for its exotic birdlife and the birding is best in Tanzania because it is the only country where you can see the diverse nature of bird’s species. There are approximately 1,100 different species of bird that call this country it's home. The most notable of them that are found here are Ashy Starling, Black crack, Fischer’s lovebird, Hartlaub’s Turaco and Red-&-Yellow Barbet.      

f)  Outstanding Experience Gorilla Trekking


As far as primate tracking is concerned, going for Gombe Stream National Park as well as Udzungwa National Park will serve the purpose. In Gombe Stream, you can watch primates like Olive Monkeys, red-pursued and Red-Colobus monkeys. In Udzungwa, you can able to spot six primate species during the trek of which are five endemic. So you are going to watch Iringa red Colobus monkey and the Sanje Crested Mangabey as the primary attractions of this park.      

g)   World Largest Volcanic Caldera


Ngorongoro Conservation Area is excellent, fantastically diverse & rich. It is the principle highlight of the area and is a notoriously standard marvel of the world. The covered caldera is an environment in itself inside the more noteworthy Serengeti: the mineral-rich floor of the fantastic bowl is to a great extent level and shrouded in nutritious grasses, giving heaven to herbivores and predators alike.


What Packing items should you carry for Tanzania safari Tours?


While going for Tanzania Safari Tours, the mandatory items that must be carried such as passport, itinerary, travel insurance documents as well as e-tickets. You must also take prescription medication, glasses, hat, sun block, camera, video & binoculars.


Is Joica Tours is a Best Options for Remarkable Safari Experience?


Yes, by far Joica Tours And Safaris is one of the best options for an awesome safari experience because this Safari agency employs certified tour guides, drivers and cooks. Moreover, the guides have in-depth knowledge of the safari parks that they have to offer. The agency was established with the purpose of helping the street children by giving them basic needs and providing them with vital education that can improve their standard of life.

To share your feedback with us, you can email us @ info@joicatours.com. You can also drop your comments in our contact page with your confirmed contact details.

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