Top 10 Thrilling Adventures Of Tanzania Safari Tours That Will Fill Your Heart With Delight

There is an old Tanzanian proverb, “No matter The Economy of the Jungle, The Lion Will Never Eat Grass”. This proverb clearly states the openness of Tanzania’s national parks where you can see a lion in its true form. In the form of a king and the way, it roams over the entire jungle.

You can do the same thing during your Tanzania Safari by indulging in scores of adrenaline-pumping activities throughout the safari parks that will define your holiday and make you feel like a king rather than a caged animal. 

These activities will help you in bringing out your crazy wild side persona where you can be at your best self and nobody will come crashing your party & disturb your peace.

So here are some of the wild action-packed stuff that you might want to indulges in:-                       

Zip Lining Through The Landscapes Of Tanzania

Zip lining is an adrenaline pumping adventurous activity which helps the rider to soar through the landscapes of Tanzania from one point to another point with one side of the wire firmly fixed on the poles or trees to the other end using trolleys mounted on wire. Sometimes the zip lining activity can also be taken by just using rope clamps for going from one place to another place. It is one of the foremost activities to be taken in places like Serengeti or Ngorongoro crater for watching the wilderness of Tanzania in a unique way.

Tanzania Safari Tours

Gliding Through The Blowing Winds Of Summer In Tanzania

The dry season of Tanzania starts from Late June To October that means, you will have the opportunity of watching lots of animals on the ground who will be either roaming, playing or just fighting for survival. The most interesting part is that you will watch all these wildlife actions from above the sky by rolling & gliding on the hot air balloon through which you can cover a big park-like Serengeti in no time. The bird’s eye view will greatly enhance your range of sightseeing animals in some selected Tanzania Safari Destinations.   

Tanzania Safari Tours

Watching The Greatest Show Unfolding In Serengeti National Park

No other scenery will capture your wild imagination like the great wildebeest migration does in the Serengeti National Park during a Tanzania Safari. It is one of the greatest shows that nature has in store for you. Around two million wildebeests with thousands of antelopes such as Thomson Gazelle, Zebras tag along in this annual marathon with only one motive and that is abundant grass for grazing & freshwater for drinking. The epic migration spans thousands of kilometers including the safari parks of two different countries.    

Tanzania Safari Tours        

Fascinating Safari In Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The UNESCO marked crater along with the conservation area is world-famous for its diversity and vast ecosystem that covers even Serengeti. Going for nice safari drive around the crater area will help you in making many memories including the chance of capturing plenty of photographic shots of animals during your tour of this area including Rhinos that are one of the rare & endangered species in Tanzania. Even the scenery around the entire conservation areas will give you some amazing vacation goals for your next trip.   

Tanzania Safari Tours

Birding Safari In Lake Manyara

Release the ornithologist in you by going after some of the colorful & magnificent birds found in Lake Manyara such as Eurasian migrant birds, acacia linked birds, raptors, and 3 rare Tanzanian species. Now, do you know what the best part is? There are around 300 bird species that have virtually made Lake Manyara as its natural habitat. Manyara is also known for offering numerous flamingos found in the wet season.

Tanzania Safari Tours

Go For A Pleasant Walk In Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is also known for its largest concentration of elephants along with the three largest big cats found in large numbers. It is the only park where you can go for guided walking safaris along with your guides, rangers & Maasai warriors. It will be the thrill of a lifetime watching wild animals passing so close to you. You will not regret making a trip to this park.   

Tanzania Safari Tours

Sailing In Selous Game Reserve Through A Boat Ride

Selous Game Reserve will not only provide you with a wide variety of animals & scenic landscapes but also a boating safari in the Rufiji River that is filled with a pool of hippos & lurking Nile crocodiles. This boating safari will provide you the thrill & chill of a lifetime. So, it’s worth taking your chances and going for such a scenic ride which will fill your heart with immense pleasure. 

Tanzania Safari Tours

Camping Under A Million Stars In Tanzania Camping Safari

Tanzania camping safari will not only give you the ultimate wildlife fun but will also give you a chance for spending time inside the parks under a sky filled with million stars. It is a great way to spend your time with your family as well as enjoying wildlife as well as capturing scenic views during the day & sleeping under the stars by listening to the lullaby of the animals.   

Tanzania Safari Tours

Explore The Magic Of Deep Sea Diving Zanzibar

Zanzibar is known for its scenic beaches and tons of fun activities. Through deep-sea diving, you will not only explore the hidden marine world but also have the possibility of swimming with whales & dolphins. Apart from that, you can also indulge in horse riding on the beach or just relax by lying on the soft sand of the beach.  

Zanzibar Tours

Conquer The Skies & Cover The Sceneries Of Ground Through Our Tanzania Fly-In Safari

Tanzania Fly-in Safari is a great way to cover the most magnificent regions of Tanzania by air. There is a great opportunity for you to watch wonderful animals of the wild safari parks through low-flying from the air. Our fly-in safari avails light aircraft flights between zones. This option provides you with a wonderful opportunity to escape the crowds on the ground.

Tanzania Safari

Through Joica Tours, you can have numerous breathtaking moments such as capturing photos, bonding with your family and connecting with nature and indulging in numerous types of thrilling adventure which will work in your favor. Through our favourable Tanzania Safari Packages, you can give wings to your imaginations. So visit us @ to know more.                       

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