Top 10 Relaxing Activities That Will Make You Have A Good Time In Zanzibar Tour

“The sound of waves crashing on the shore is one of the most relaxing sounds on Earth”

For time immemorial, this archipelago of Zanzibar has been given many names such as Spice Island. This beautiful island of Zanzibar in Africa is known for teaming with history & culture and consistent with its unspoiled geology of white sand beaches with palms influencing travellers to sun-soaked tropical beaches as well as a rich cultural experience.

There is something for everyone to do in Zanzibar such as you can dive, swim, or go for snorkelling on the beaches. Besides that, you can also sip spicy tea at a street cafe on a narrow cobbled street in Stone Town or sailing on a traditional boat in a deep blue sea.

Apart from all that, you have some tons of activities to take part inside Zanzibar Islands, so let’s have a look and figure out what they are and how you are going to enjoy them:-                          

1. Go To The Best Surfing Spots In Zanzibar

Zanzibar Islands

There are many beaches & reefs inside Zanzibar that are quite good for surfing but the reef at Pemba Island is the perfect place to surf. Their waves are quite suitable for starters and the experienced surfers can take longer duration while riding on the waves. Surfing is going to be one of the relaxing & memorable times in Zanzibar.

2. Indulge Yourself In Sauti Za Busara

Sauti Za Busara

Apart from just surfing, there are other prominent & vibrating Zanzibar Activities that you can get involved into such as SautizaBusara that brings people to celebrate African music under the skies of Zanzibar. The 17th edition will take place in Stone Town, Zanzibar from 13th -16th February 2020. It is a carnival that includes more than 400 musicians, Swahili encounters between local & foreign musicians as well as some exciting events at the concert.        

3. Discover TheHistorical Stone Town

Historical Stone Town

Strolling in the UNESCO marked historical stone town is just like going for an adventure in the past. The name stone town came from the Coralline rock which many ancient used to build their homes from. During your Zanzibar Beach Holidays in Stone Town you can visit the house of wonders, old fort, Freddie Mercury’s house, and St. Joseph Cathedral as well as Hammam Persian baths.     

4. Go Through All The Dishes Of Zanzibar

Dishes Of Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a paradise in every manner either it is about its beaches or its historical places to visit inside the stone town. Everything about Zanzibar is truly heavenly so are its delicious cuisines such as Zanzibari Pizza, Biryani, Pilau&Mishkaki. Now you can even go for numerous Persian delights such as Baba Ghanoush, falafel, tagines, rich goat curries, and Kofta. Besides that, you can also try some tasty soups on the Zanzibar Islands such as Urojo soup.          

5. The World Famous Full Moon Party In Zanzibar

Full Moon Party In Zanzibar

Have you ever heard or enjoyed a full moon party anywhere during a beach vacation? You can have one such party during your Zanzibar Beach Holidays which takes place only during a full-moon night every month on the Kendwa beach normally on a Saturday. These full moon parties on Kendwa attract a big crowd of locals & foreigners that are taking place since 1996.

6. Zipping Around By Scooter In Zanzibar

Scooter In Zanzibar

The best way to stroll around Zanzibar’s stone town is zipping & zooming on a scooter which is locally known as Pikipiki. It is quite popular among local Zanzibaris. You can rent a 125 cc or 250cc bikes in Stone town or a Nungwi. You can get such scooters at 35 dollars a day including an insurance & helmet.      

7. Diving & Snorkelling In Pleasant Waters Of Zanzibar

Diving & Snorkelling In Pleasant Waters Of Zanzibar

Without going underwater your Zanzibar Tour is never going to get complete. There is so much fun under the warm waters of Zanzibar. Hence if you are in the mood to get more than your feet wet then you can dive down to encounter the assorted, colorful marine life that glides over the beautiful coral reefs. You don’t have to worry about anything as Zanzibar is known for its world-class dive sites & serene snorkeling spots. So on yoursnorkeling or a diving expedition, you can come across white tip reef sharks, dolphins, rays, honeycomb moray eels, barracudas, tunas, bluefin trevallies, guitarfish, triggerfish, along with groupers.   

8. Take A Safari Trip In Ngezi Forest

Safari Trip In Ngezi Forest

After spending wonderful moments on some numerous beaches of Zanzibar, you can also take part in some Tanzania safari-style activities on the Pemba Island as well by going for the Ngezi Forest reserve which is one of the last remaining areas of indigenous forest that was so thick that it covered most of the Pemba Island. This forest reserve has some unique animals such as Red Colobus monkeys and Pemba flying foxes.

9. Dining In Zanzibari Style

Dining In Zanzibari Style

You can also have some fine dining experience in Zanzibar by eating dishes like Biryani that has its origins from India & Middle-East. This type of dish is made by cooking rice with a variety of spices and then it is paired with meat or fish curry. Apart from that, you can also have dishes like pilau that have different versions such as fish, beef & goat. Besides that, you can also have numerous side dishes for your dinner such as Octopus Curry, Urojo mix &Mandazi.  

10.  Sunset Views Of Zanzibar

Sunset Views Of Zanzibar

There are multiple tropical spots on Zanzibar from where you can see some awesome sunsets with your family members. You can also hop on a boat or cruise on the gentle waves watching the blood-stained setting sun. Choose your spots such as Pemba islands, Nungwi, Kendwa, Paje&Kiwengwa.  

God has made Zanzibar Islands with just one purpose & aim and it is none other than turning it into a relaxing spot for people coming from all parts of the world. It is a paradise that will even give you some spices that help heal your body from various ailments. It also has some of the mind-blowing restaurants & hotels where you spend your time lavishly just like James Bond. For figuring out moreabout Zanzibar, the efficient staff of Joica Tours will help you out. Please visit us @

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