Tanzania Camping Safari- The Most Unique Way Of Experiencing The Phenomenal Nature

Whether you're looking to save some money or want to feel greater level of closeness to nature, camping is a fantastic option for those wanting to enjoy the best that Tanzania has to offer without breaking the bank.

Hence all those who agree with us can prepare for Tanzania Camping Safari where the taste of the safari lies in its camps and where the wildlife is found in abundance in regions like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, and Arusha & Lake Manyara National Park.


Through this Camping Safari, you can avail several benefits for yourself such as watching wildlife that is wandering the bushes of Serengeti or Ngorongoro without fences and under the open sky.  

In this blog we discuss what you can expect to get in the endless savannahs with this camping safari in your hands.

Staying Under The Canvas

By staying under the canvas in Tanzania Safari Destinations like Serengeti, you & other members in the group will have a great leader of being present in probably the most excellent location for game viewing.

All those who sign up for a camping safari knows that these makeshift camps are mobile and can be erected in a moment’s notice anywhere inside the park.

Hence, every such camp moves around the parks like Serengeti to be in the best favourable position for watching wildlife such as big five & wildebeest migration.

Tanzania Safari

Electricity In The Camps

There will be enough solar electricity in the camp that you can use light bulbs for reading novels during the night as well as keeping animals away. Anyway, you can even use bonfire around the camp to do the same.  

Furthermore, you can also use electricity for charging your phones or shaving your beard with an electronic shaver. Even the solar heating facility is also available in the tents.  

Tanzania Safari

Our Tent With The Authentic Wilderness

We have our own safari-camp accommodations and amazing local expert guides.Our expert team will give you the ultimate safari experience and you can choose from a great choice of safaris across all the major parks and game reserves of Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park. Our expert team truly make the guests’ Tanzania safari experience a distinctive one. Our setup will provide the authentic experience of the wildlife drama in the park. 

We can also tailor your holiday to ensure you get the most out of your time in our wonderful land. Just talk to our safari experts about your budget and expectations.

Tanzania Safari

The Animals You Can Expect To See, And When

With Tanzania Camping Safari in your kitty, you can expect to watch a wide range of animals indulging numerous activities that might be quite new for you to observe but for the animals, it is a regular thing.

During the Camping Safari, you might watch a fully haired lion sleeping carelessly on a ledge. You might also get to spot an endless stretch of Zebras grazing on the plains. If you are lucky you can also watch elephant herds playing in the mud or dozing off under an Acacia tree.

There are many more things to see such as a lion pride digesting its hard-earned meaty treat under your safari truck that will both amazing as well as thrilling. So basically, these are the benefits that you are going to get by signing up for camping safari.  

Tanzania Safari The Food: How Good Is It

When it comes to consuming meal after a long safari drive in Tanzania you will just feel like the predator who has worked hard to get his meal for the day. However, alongside the guide and driver, a dedicated cook will be also assigned for the camping safari trip.

He will cook you some of the best delicacies of Africa by using the gear stored in the trunk of the safari truck. All such cooks provided by us are well trained and they will be cooking the food based on your instructions so it will better for you to inform in advance related to your food habits & diet.

Your morning in the camp will start with breakfast and for starters, you will get omelets along with a wide range of salads. Then your breakfast will also include toast, sausage, pastries, cold meat along with coffee & tea. Lunch will include sandwiches & fruits and dinner will comprise soup, the main course as well as desserts.      

Tanzania Safari

Tips to follow for Tanzania Camping Safari

Now here are some tips that you have to follow to make your camping safari in Tanzania a big success. 

1.Choose The Best Guide Makes All The Difference

By signing up with Joica Tours, you are making the right decision of choosing some of the best guides we have employed till date. All our guides, staff and porters are well trained, cordial as well as well-educated to interact with the tourists fluently.

Moreover, they have years of experience in the Tanzania Safari Parks and they know everything regarding the animals and how they behave inside the parks. They even know the places where the animals assemble in plenty to drink water.  

We have tour guides such as Witson & Tony, who are well- known for their experience & driving skills till date and they are associated with us for many years. With them, you can get the best of the safari parks and you will not have a dull moment even for a second while touring with our guides.

Tanzania Safari

2.Seasons Suitable For Tanzania Safari Camp

The best season for visiting Tanzania is during the dry season that starts from late June till October.

Now when it comes to going for Tanzania safari camp for watching wildebeest migration in Serengeti, the month of June & July will be more suitable.

And when it comes to wildebeest calving, late January & February are the best months.

Tanzania Safari

3.Your Immediate Requirements For The Safari Trip

The first thing that needs your attention filling the backpack is appropriate clothes suitable for traveling in Tanzania such as long sleeve shirts, lightweight raincoat, comfortable shorts along with several other things.   

You can also include toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrush & first aid for healing your injuries during your time in camping safari in Tanzania.

If there is some more space then you can also carry a camera, additional memory cards, electric adapter, binoculars as well as a small flashlight for night time walking safaris.   

Tanzania Safari

4.The Most Important Factor

Camping safari in Tanzania is going to make every single day special for you. So suiting up for it is a nice idea. You have to prepare for the trip many months in advance.

You have to talk with your family members, safari experts, prepare for almost everything in advance such vaccinating yourself to prevent diseases that are prevalent in Tanzania.

You must also equip yourself with a best travel insurance that can cover all the costs during an emergency during the safari such as falling ill or getting injured in a safari game drive.

Tanzania Safari

Is Tanzania Camping Safari for You?

Yes, it is suitable for almost all the people who want to directly connect with real nature. Single travelers, honeymooners, families, friends, groups consisting of strangers and even old-timers can go for the camping safari.   

No matter what, Tanzania Camping Safari will bring you closer with the wild animals and the realistic nature that you have lost touch with. It will help you regenerate your lost energy and get relief from stress. It will also give you lot of leeway to explore the wild. For more information, visiting @ joicatours.com will be of great importance.

For your valuable feedback, please mail us @ travel@joicatours.com.

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