8 Common Mysteries Demystified About Tanzania: Get The Facts Of The Stunningly Beautiful Land

Every piece of the African continent holds numerous types of hidden natural beauties that are still unknown to the world. The same can be said about the country of Tanzania as well.    

But most of the African countries including Tanzania have many prejudices & biases attached to it. So today, we are going to dispel all those myths one by one for you to make a loud & clear statement that Tanzania Safari is good for you in all aspects.

So, let’s get the facts right, we all know that African countries including Tanzania is not so economically sound but that is an old story, with the growth of tourism in the country, various different things regarding economy are changing fast and that is a good sign that Tanzania Destinations are getting better day by day.

So, here are some of the realities behind them:-

1)  Tanzania Is Completely Safe For Visitors

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is a normal country like any other nation in the world. You just need to follow all the rules, regulations & instructions given to you and you are safe. Things have changed a lot with lots of international help & attention so there is virtually nothing to be worried about. Give it a try and watch the difference for yourself. While visiting the Tanzania National Parks you will have to follow all the rules & regulations to the letter to keep out of the trouble & furthermore our guides & forest rangers are well-equipped & trained to keep you safe from all the dangers.   

2)   Tanzania Is More Than Just Volunteerism Or Safaris

Tanzania Safari

Going to Tanzania for either volunteerism or just for the sake of safaris is not the whole thing. You can also go for cultural tours if you like by visiting various tribes and locals all around Tanzania to socialize with them and know about their culture more deeply. In this way, you can also help a lot in bridging the gap between the different people & cultures of the world that are divided because of the language barriers. Apart from that, you can also take time visiting some of its glorious cities and enjoying the nightlife there.

3)   You Can See Growing Technology In Tanzania

Tanzania Safari

During your tour of Tanzania Safari Destinations, you will see scores of high rise cities like Dar-e-Salaam, Dodoma & many others growing because of the growth of tourism & many other factors. Tanzania is not technologically backward but yes, it will take some time to catch-up with others in the world with the increase in financial & human investment in research for the development of science & technology. Moreover, the political class of Tanzania is also giving its contribution to the progress of science & technology in the country.

4)  Tanzania Has Remarkable Historical Background

Tanzania Safari

You can start laughing at the person who had said & thinks that Tanzania doesn’t have a past. Almost, all the countries in the world who are famous have their remarkable historical past and even Tanzania has one and if you study deeply you will find this country possessing immense historical value. The Olduvai Gorge area of Tanzania is referred to as the cradle of mankind because the journey of the humankind might have started from here. Additionally, evidence related to middle & later part of Stone Age periods were found in Mumba Cave in Northern Tanzania which tells the history of the modern human behavior. You can see all of it during your Tanzania Safari expedition.       

5) The Money You Spent For Travelling Is Worth Of Price

Tanzania Safari

You don’t need a lot of money to travel through Tanzania in case you know the geography of Tanzania very well in advance. You can also take the help of Joica Tours to get some of the affordable Tanzania Safari Packages or just customize them to suit you better. Apart from that, you can also make your stay in some of the affordable hotels & accommodations.           

6)   Tanzania Is A Clean Tourism Leader

Tanzania Safari

During your Tanzania Safari visit, you will find all the parks of Tanzania starting from Serengeti National Park. Dumping garbage & other wasted foodstuffs inside the safari parks of Tanzania during the game driving is strictly restricted. Park authorities give more emphasis on keeping every inch of the safari parks maintained by them to stay clean. Even the Tanzanian citizens take a part in the yearly drive to keep its streets & localities of their cities clean by not using plastic and dumping the waste in the recycling plants. In addition to all that all-round development is also taking place simultaneously.  

7)   Taking Vaccination Help You To Fight Against Diseases In Tanzania

Tanzania Safari

Diseases take place all the time, in some parts of the world they are quite effective when precautions are not taken and in some other places these diseases are just eradicated with the massive immunization drives taking place. Moreover, you can take the advice of your local physician or just take the vaccinations for the prevalent diseases that are found in the prominent Tanzania Safari Destinations. In this way, you can keep yourself safe including your family & kids.      

8) Wild Animals Roam In The Specific Fenced Region Of Tanzania

Tanzania Safari

The entire country of Tanzania is known for its wild animals which are their greatest natural asset and the local Tanzanians are very proud of them. Watching these animals especially lions roaming in the streets of Tanzania is not possible. The wild animals are kept inside a certain region with the fenced surrounding. In case you are in the safari vehicle then don’t worry as nothing is going to happen as you will stay safe inside the vehicle & avoid attracting the attention of these animals. A Tour guide will always be with you to keep you safe.

All these demystified misconceptions will be dispelled once & for all after your entry into the country. The Tanzania Safari will showcase many things and you are not going to forget them throughout your life. It will change your beliefs, opinions, thoughts & your mindset not just about Tanzania but also about the entire continent. There is a famous saying, ‘Never judge an entire book before going through its contents’. Visiting Tanzania is just like that. If you started believing about whatever we had said about this huge country then planning a visit to this country can be a great step. So now put your first step forward by visiting us @ joicatours.com.    

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