7 Amazing Facts about Mount Kilimanjaro Routes You Should Want to Know in 2019

Oh! Hello Adventurers! Are you planning for climbing Kilimanjaro? If yes then you have taken the right decision. As Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest Mountain in Africa and is popular with both experienced hikers & first-time adventurers because it is a non-technical in nature when compared to all other summits of the world. Just go through some features provided below:-


  • It is a kind of mountain that can be scaled easily without using any technical skills and tools such as rope, harness & crampons.
  • It is just a hiking peak, so you can just relax by taking the chill-pill while hiking if you know about all the available Mount Kilimanjaro Routes.


Thus, these are routes that you have to know about:-   


7 Official Routes are Available to Summit


There are seven official routes that will take any hiker to the Uhuru peak such as the Marangu Route, Machame Route, Lemosho Route, Rongai Route, The Northern Circuit, Shira Route & The Umbwe Route.


Marangu is the Oldest Route


Marangu route


Besides being known as the oldest route, it has one more name which is known as ‘Tourist Route’. Hence, it is one of the busiest in all of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Furthermore, this is the only route which has accommodation facilities. During the trek, it will take you through a diverse ecosystem that ranges from rain forest to alpine desert.   


Northern Circuit is the Longest Route


Northern Circuit Route


It is a fresh & the longest route up to the mountain peak providing some of the best acclimatization chances for climbers on the way. It is the only route in all other Mount Kilimanjaro Routes. All those people going through this route can have some of the best views of their life along the incline of Kilimanjaro.     


Rongai is the Easiest Route


Rongai Route


In all of Kilimanjaro Routes, it is the only one that can be approached from the northern side of Kilimanjaro and interestingly, it is quieter than all other routes. Apart from that, you have a higher chance of sighting wildlife along the route.  


7 Days is perfect for Summit Success


For most of the routes, taking a seven-day trek is extremely perfect for achieving success especially for familiarizing with the mountainous conditions is involved. Just ask for our expert and tell him about your previous hiking experience and he will certainly suggest some routes that are suitable for you.


3-7 people die on Every Year


Yes, it is true but a sad fact. This much number of people die every year on the mountain only because of not following the rules. First, it is prohibited to hike alone on the mountain and those who ignore this rule, seriously fall into deep trouble. Secondly, some of the tourists make the mistake of choosing the shortest route to reach the peak quickly, but it is not possible without getting adapted to the mountain terrain. Like these, there are scores of other reasons why these deaths happen.    


9000+ people Spell Kilimanjaro Incorrectly!


Yes, most of the people who are coming to hike Kilimanjaro for the first time can’t spell the word correctly because Kilimanjaro is a Swahili word that has been formed with the Swahili word “Kilima” meaning mountain and the KiChagga word Njaro, is loosely translated as "whiteness."


How Climbing Kilimanjaro Change Your Life in 2019?


Climbing Kilimanjaro can change your life in different ways. First, it will boost your confidence level to such an extent that you will get ready to climb even more difficult ones especially those who are technical in nature. With the new found experience, you will better prepare for anything that comes in your way.


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