16 Things You Wish To Know Before Visiting Tanzania On A Safari

Traveling to different parts of the world is a great choice but some destinations are simply life-changing as they can change our outlook, thoughts, and mindset about the different regions of the world and going on a Tanzania Safari vacation is one of them which will just work as regenerative medication for you.    

It is one of the places where you are going to get the peace of mind that you have always desired. Tanzania is completely different from what you might have seen it on news and more importantly, this particular trip will not just live up to your expectations but will also surpass them. 

But before making a grand entry into the serene & peaceful borders of Tanzania, it is quite essential for you to know some few things that will make your arrival smoother, are as follows:-  

Stay Prepared With Your Visa Documents

The most important tool to visit any country including Tanzania is its necessary travel documents such as valid visa & passport. So this is what you have to do:-

  • You will have to ensure that you have all the travel documents in place in an updated format. Moreover, consult with your travel advisors for more information.


  • Make sure to pay the cash in US denomination only otherwise the cash is not acceptable. Now as far as the passport is concerned, it needs at least six months validity for entering Tanzania.   


Tanzania Safari Visa

Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Travellers can commence on their Tanzania Safari Holidays whenever they want because Tanzania stays at its best all the time but some people who have taste for particular climatic conditions can visit Tanzania during the dry season that starts from late June and stays till the end of October.

  • For wildebeest migration, the months of June & July will be perfect & to watch predators in live-action then booking for tours during late January & February will be the best.  
  • For climbing Kilimanjaro, two climbing seasons are appropriate such as June to October and January to February.  

Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Weather In Tanzania

For most of the time, the climate in Tanzania stays pleasant but there are several weather patterns that you have to take care of while planning your Tanzania Safari Tours as these patterns play a crucial role in making your trip enjoyable.

  • It has one long dry season that starts mostly from June and stays pleasant till October making the animals come out from their hiding places and gathers around the water holes. 


  • There are two rainy seasons, one that begins from March till May & second one from November till December, playing a huge role in making the hot climate to get cold as well as triggering the wildebeest migration. 

Weather In Tanzania

Monetary Requirements In Tanzania

  • The official currency of Tanzania is Tanzanian Shilling. You can also use dollars as dollars are acceptable everywhere.


  • For more comfort, you can exchange the currency in banks, especially at currency exchange offices.

Tanzania Currency

Carrying Essential Items While Visiting Tanzania

There are numerous items to carry if you want to make your trip to Tanzania lovely all the time as follows:-

  • Pack a universal adapter to charge your electronic gadgets especially your phone to stay in contact with your family at home.


  • Pack some warm clothes also as the climate gets cold after the sunset in Tanzania. Also, bring your camera & binoculars to watch pleasant sceneries & wild animals in their best form. For the detail list Contact Us or talk to our expert.       

   Tanzania Safari Packing List

 Necessary Vaccinations To Stay Safe In Tanzania

Visiting a new country always calls for additional precautions especially our health. So while preparing your itinerary for Tanzania, don’t forget to inoculate yourself and your family members before landing in Tanzania. Here are some of the diseases for which you have to take shorts for:-

  • Yellow fever & Malaria
  • Typhoid & Hepatitis B

Tanzania Safari

Getting Exposed To New Cultures In Tanzania

The locals of this country are quite warm, welcoming & quite friendly. By just interacting with these people, you can learn a lot about the cultures & traditions in Tanzania.

1. Our cultural tour packages will be very helpful in meeting & having friendly interactions with the Maasai warriors.

2. Guess what, by paying a visit to the Maasai village or any other tribe for that matter will help you a lot in learning their way of leading the life and skills that keep them alive in the safari parks & reserves.

Tanzania Safari

Local Language

To get along with the locals, some basic Swahili that will surely be going to impress such as:-

  1. Karibu- Welcome.
  2. Nakosa chakula chako kitamu Sana -I miss your tasty food a lot.
  3. Ninakukosa rohoni-I miss you
  4. Nakupenda Rafiki Yangu- I love you my friend
  5. Kukutana Tena Baada Ya Muda Mrefu-Meeting you again after a long time.

  Tanzania Safari

Food In Tanzania

Without tasting the local delicacies, your safari tour is will stay incomplete and believe us you are going to ask for more after trying the local dishes. Here are some of the local food items that you are going to remember forever.

  • Those who have a special taste for seafood must go for Zanzibar that is known for its culinary delight such as freshly caught fish, shrimp & crab.


  • Vegetarians can have fun here eating dishes that are made up of rice, vegetables, mangoes, coconuts, and pineapples.       

     Tanzania Safari

Socializing With Locals Through Mesmerizing Celebrations

Apart from language, you can also socialize with the local through getting involved in their festivals such as:-

  • Mwaka Kogwa Festival

Mwaka Kogwa is a Zoroastrian festival that is celebrated by the locals in the Shirazi New Year. This festival plays a significant role in bringing the people of Zanzibar together and even foreigners can take part in it. It helps in ending all the differences & misunderstanding among people.

  • Serengeti Cultural Festival

This festival is an annual event that helps in gathering people from around the world. It is one of the top festivals in Tanzania that is held in Serengeti National Park as well as Lake Zone. This festival promotes education for all.

   Tanzania Safari

Things To Know About Nightlife In Tanzania

When it comes to Tanzania even the nightlife offers so many things to the travel faring customers. Just have a look & figure out how you want to spend the nightlife:-

  • Night live In Zanzibar’s Stone Town

The island’s urban center provides a unique opportunity for a memorable night in the town which is known for some popular bars & beach clubs where you have some good time with your friends. Go for places such as Forodhani Gardens for a good night out with your friends.

  • Go For An Amazing Dar-Es-Salaam

The nightlife in Dar-es-salaam is not just friendly but also worth exploring because of its nightlife attractions are filled with raw energy such as Garden Bistro & Mango Garden.

Tanzania Safari

Things To Know About Tanzania Accommodation

Planning for the Tanzania Safari Tours also requires a traveler to make arrangements for accommodation in the host country. Hence, here are the guidelines that you are required to take:-

Mention the type of accommodation you want as we have luxury, mi-range and buget accommodation.

Mention the details of your expectations you want in the accommodation (hotel/lodge/camp) as well as dietary needs in advance so everything will be ready before your arrival.

Tanzania Safari

Transportation In Tanzania

The local transportation services are fairly affordable that will make your travel so pleasant.

  • Dalla-Dalla

Traveling on the local routes will be easier using a minibus which is also known as ‘Dalla-Dalla’ in the Swahili language.

  • Boats & Ferries

The boats & ferries are a unique way to travel around Tanzania in a relaxing manner moreover they are well-known for reasonable pricing.    

Taxi System

The taxi system in Tanzania is quite exceptional:-

  • Taxis in Mainland Tanzania can be hired in all major towns and the Swahili language, they are known as ‘Gari La Abiria’.


  • In all the major towns, these taxis have an official pricing list thus making your journey eventful.   

Tanzania Safari

Telephones And Internet

You are not going to have any communication issues during your stay in Tanzania

  • Almost all accommodations such as campsites, lodges & hotels in Tanzania provide phone & internet services for smooth & reliable communication.


  • Even all the safari vehicles of Joica Tours & Safaris are equipped with HF radio for handling cases of emergency & tracking animals. Moreover, it will better to use local sim cards such as Zain, Zantel & Vodacom for better connectivity, network & affordability.  

Tanzania Safari


Last but not least, safety is one of the biggest concern for the tour guides as well as the travelers going for the tour.

  • Inside the safari parks & reserves, you need to follow the instructions of the guides. Do the same during the walking tours also by not breaking away from the group.

Tanzania Safari

Everybody wants to have a sound and pleasant trip the same can be said about Tanzania Safari as well but gathering all the vital information regarding the tour will give you better experience regarding Tanzania. So just contact us and make your vacation a big difference. To know more visit us @ joicatours.com

For feedback, you can contact us through e-mail @ travel@joicatours.com

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