15 Wonderful Wildlife In Tanzania & Where To Spot On Your Safari Adventure

Tanzania is blessed with an abundance of birds, wildlife, flora, and cultural history. It has one of the best wildlife ecosystems in the world. Tanzania is also known to home of the some of the best national parks and forest reserves, which act as nourishing habitats has a huge array of animal and bird species of the country.

With so much to explore on a Tanzania Safari, it might seem to be daunting when picking the list of places to visit to witness all these glorious wildlife species in their natural habitat.

So here we have listed some of the wildlife and where you can spot them without any hindrance during your safari trip:



Elephants are a common sight in Tanzania and are a part of the "Big Five" club. Every wildlife park has an abundant populace of elephants. At times, during a safari, you can even get close to an elephant. Elephants are typically observed strolling in little groups or contained in a specific zone.

Tarangire National Park is said to be the best national park to spot these mighty creatures in all their glory as it has the biggest population of elephants in the country. You can also spot the elephants across the Serengeti area in large herds during the migration season.



For years we've been interested in this delightful, rich and robust member from the cat family. Lions are great and astounding hunters, even though you will almost certainly discover them resting in the shade. It is quite common to spot lions animals in Tanzania Safari.

However, the best place to spot Lions during your Tanzania safari is at the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Lake Manyara National Park is also quite famous for its tree-climbing lions which is one of the two places in the world where you can find them.



One of the most famous wildlife which attracts many travellers around the globe to Tanzania for the wildlife spectacle- Great Wildebeest Migration. A Wildebeest is an antelope which looks like cattle with a hairy body, sharp horns, and a slight hump.

Serengeti National Park is the place you should head to spot these rare beasts. Every year these creatures move across the Mara-Serengeti area in search of green grass and water.

Cape Buffalo

The name Cape Buffalo covers four types of the African Buffalo. It's one of Africa's most perilous animals as it has executed a larger number of hunters than some other creature. Indeed, even a lion would not set out to assault a Cape Buffalo without the assistance of his amigos.

The best place to spot Cape Buffalo is Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Katavi National Park.


The exquisite leopard is bigger than the other spotted cats and recognized by dull rosettes on the back and flanks and strong spots on the face. The foundation shading ranges from grayish to reddish-brown. It is a lone creature, except when a pair meet up for mating, or a mother is joined by cubs.

The best place to spot these spotty beauties during your Tanzania Safari Tours is the Serengeti National Park.


Never a long way from water, this thickly covered antelope is regularly found in the Serengeti forests. The best places to see them are in the Central Serengeti and particularly in and around Moru Kopjes. Its thick coat makes it inviting to just the hungriest lion.


Giraffe is a very friendly animal, recognized for its long neck and brown spots. A tour of the wildlife in Tanzania seems to be incomplete without spotting a few Giraffes. Tanzania has one of the largest Giraffe populations in the world, which makes it easy to spot these lovely creatures.

The best place to spot Giraffes in Tanzania is Serengeti National Park and Tarangire National Park.


Tanzania has a gigantic populace of hippos which meander the fields consistently. They have no specific season of migration or calving. In any case, the best time to spot hippos is during the wet season and the best place to spot them is the Serengeti National Park and Kavita National Park


The white and dark stripe animal has been a fascination for many. We have seen a ton of them on the wildlife channels. If you are planning to visit Tanzania, you will get the opportunity to see the Zebras from close.

Zebra in Tanzania is as common as the wild dogs. You can spot them in crowds in the fields or close to the waterway banks. Most of the national parks and reserves in Tanzania have Zebras in plenitude numbers.


Antelopes in Tanzania are known to make due in a wide range of biological systems. They are found in the fields, dry terrains, marshlands, and so on. So, it is very easy to recognize antelopes during your visit to thenational park or timberland hold in Tanzania, Africa. There are various types of Antelopes found in Tanzania.

Hartebeest, Eland, Topi, DikDik, Reedbuck, Waterbuck, Gazelle, Bushbuck, Impala, and Lesser Kudu are some of the common antelope species in Tanzania.

Black Rhino

Black Rhinos are one of the endangered species are now only seen in different zoological parks, national parks, forest reserves, etc. If you are traveling to Tanzania, then don’t miss the golden opportunity to spot these endangered species.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is ones of the best place to spot these elusive species.

African Wild Dog

A pack of wild dogs is one of the most exciting sights to see on safari. Incredibly uncommon however with a developing populace, these canids exemplify every one of the attributes we consider in predators: sharp insight, fine co-activity, phenomenal hearing, extraordinary quality, extraordinary vision, and sheer speed.

Monkeys, Apes, Chimpanzees

The wildlife in Tanzania is best known to support of an assortments apes, monkeys, chimps and other primate species. It is said to have a sound populace of monkeys and other such species in all the national parks. The Gombe Stream Reserve and Mahale National Park are said to be the best places to spot Chimpanzees during your Tanzania Wildlife Safari.

If you are a nature lover then the wildlife in Tanzania will be a treat for your eyes. Make sure you can spot each and every one of these delightful species amid your Tanzania Safari. For more information about Tanzania Safari Tours visit us @ joicatours.com


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