12 Best Experiences That You Can’t Afford To Miss In Tanzania Safari

Annually, hundreds & thousands of people visit Africa’s Tanzania which is located in Central East Africa. It is known for its magnificent wilderness territories & known for two of the most popular wildlife parks in the world.    

Seriously speaking, a Tanzania Safari will be one of the best travel experiences you will ever have. After all, there are so many safari destinations here to watch & explore that you cannot stop yourself from falling in love with it.

By staying in Tanzania, you are going to enjoy majestic scenery, incredible wildlife as well as the rare opportunity to reconnect with nature which is away from the pressures of daily life.

Now just have looked at all those Tanzania Destinations that are in store for you:-   

1)  Go Through The Stunning Landscape Of Tanzania

Tanzania is home to some of the most iconic landscapes in Africa & the most prominent of them are Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. The vast plains of the Serengeti are home to the big five animals such as lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino & elephant.

Now when it comes to Ngorongoro Crater also known as the world’s largest inactive and unfilled volcanic caldera is home to a huge variety of wildlife. You are going to get tempted with these two places through our Tanzania Safari

2) Trekking On Free Standing Mountain Of Africa

The snow-topped crater that is also the highest point of Kilimanjaro is a steep and bitterly cold volcanic mountain. For climbers, it is one of the best Tanzania Safari Destinations ever. The view from the top will be stunning and the sense of achievement that you will feel is unparalleled. But make no mistake you are testing yourself against all of nature that can throw at you. 

 3) Camp In The Serengeti During The Annual Migration

You can also take the help of our camping safari in Serengeti for watching the Annual migration. With our Great Wildebeest Migration Safari, you can be able to stay in midst of the Serengeti park by living in tented camps. As these tented camps can be erected & removed easily. You will able to watch all the aspects of annual migration that takes place inside the Serengeti park at different places. By the way, annual migration is all about the vast movement of around two million animals that takes place in the Serengeti system which is one of the celebrated & well-documented natural events of the world.   


4) Enjoy The African Wilderness Through The Tanzania Luxury Safari

A Tanzania Luxury Safari is designed to give you the best what Tanzania has to offer. This undamaged wilderness of Tanzania Safari experience will take you on a one of a kind safari experience to one of Tanzania’s most far-flung areas that are perfect for people in search of an unspoiled and hidden region. You will be at a loss for words after going through the amazing wildlife as you will get immersed into the untouched and unspoiled wilderness of Katavi National Park which is famous for its sizeable flood plains, large buffalo herds and massive lion prides.       

5) Viewing The Wild Of Tarangire National Park From A Treehouse

Tarangire national park is one of the best spots to visit for the travel faring tourists. Here they can be able to view some of the biggest groups of elephants along with some other animals such as giraffes, fringe-eared Oryx, little ashy starling, kudu, gazelles, hartebeests, wildebeests, lions, leopards, tree climbing pythons. Now with the help of Joica Tours, you can see the wild of Tarangire National Park from the safest environment of a tree house. In Tarangire, tree house accommodations come in several shapes & sizes. It can be simple rustic housing to an all-out luxury.

6) Go On An Early Morning Game Drive 

Since every park in Tanzania is huge, you will need some more time to find a huge number of animals including lions. An early morning game drive will be suitable for you to watch lions in game parks like Serengeti where you can view the majestic lions in their respective pride inactive form.  

7) Socialise With Maasai People

Maasai people are some of the ancient tribals who are living in the wildlands of Serengeti & the Mara region. Compared to many others, socializing with them is quite easy. While spending time with them, you will know a lot of things about them such as making fire without using a matchstick or lighter, surviving in the wild alone and hunting predators.

8) Go For The Local Delicacies

Underneath Tanzania’s iconic safari surface, beats a colorful heart of culture and food. The history of this overwhelming land is peppered with culinary history and far-out delights, you won’t find in your local restaurant. Hence, here are some local delicacies that you would like to munch on such as Ugali, Maandazi, Vitumbua, rice in coconut milk also known as WaliWa Nazi. Apart from that, you can also lay your hands on SupuYaNdizi, NdiziKaanga& several others.       

9) See Africa’s Eden In Ngorongoro Crater Suggested

Nobody might have seen the ‘Garden of Eden’, but with your planned budget, you can book & visit the Ngorongoro crater which is the world’s heritage site and also popularly known among the tourists as Africa’s ‘Garden of Eden’. The crater lives up to its legendary reputation with abundant and easily accessible wildlife and offers a sensible chance to see lion, Giraffe,hyena or cheetah in action.   

10)  Take A Walking Safari In The Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is known for supporting huge number of wild animals. Apart from elephants, this reserve is also known for its greatest buffalo masses. Selous Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in Africa, it is one of the best places to go for guided walking safaris with the help of a trained guide. With the help of walking safari, you can view the wild of the game reserve by walking from a safe distance.         

11)  Walk Through History In Stone Town

Zanzibar islands are known for being one of the most happening places in Tanzania.  It has some of the coolest beaches that will raise the levels of temptation inside you. You can indulge in scores of aquatic activities here. Anyway, Zanzibar is also known for historical stone town that has also been marked as UNESCO heritage site. Through your walking tours in Stone Town, you can visit some of the fascinating 19th century buildings that are made up of coral stones. Apart from that you can also go for Forodhani gardens, Old Fort, House Of Wonders, Stone Town’s cultural center & many more. 

12) Zanzibar Is The Best Spot To Cool Your Heels Off

Last, but not the least, the name alone will spark pictures of palm-bordered beaches & white cruised dhows on a turquoise ocean. Zanzibar beaches are perfect for every individual who needs to be grateful for a lethargically lavish beach get-away. Zanzibar and its distant islands are home to some of the absolute best beaches in East Africa as well as some of its best diving spots.

All the safari parks including the Zanzibar Tours will give you more than twelve experiences after spending your Tanzania Safari vacations with us. Just visit us @ joicatours.com to know more. 

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